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Welcome to Cold Spring Farm 
Here at Cold Spring Farm we raise cattle, goats, and guardian dogs for sale. We also grow most of our own food to include produce, eggs, and bees for honey.  We raise Black Angus, Belted Galloways, and Registered White Parks. We use daily rotational grazing for the cattle because we believe it is the best way to build soil, grow amazing grass, and maintain the superb health of our herds. We also raise Registered and Commercial Boer goats. Our goats have some great color and personalities; some are even painted Boers.  The Guardian Dogs we raise are extremely loyal to their owners and their farm animals.  They are very protective of our goats, chickens, and even the farmers. They are Anatolian Pyrenees Shepherds. They are great for discouraging predators. We make sure all of our animals are happy and healthy, providing them with the care that they need.  The multiple species on our farm work together in a symbiotic relationship keeping balance between vegetation, grazers, browsers, predators, pollinators, the occasional pest, avian sanitizers, and even farmers.