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100% Local Grass-Fed Angus Beef

Stock your freezer or buy it by the cut. Healthy, local, grass-fed beef. Our cattle are raised on grass only and rotated daily to maintain the most nutritious pastures and a healthy environment. This beef is from 2 year old Angus steers that are finished on fields high in clover and alfalfa to ensure maximum tenderness and nutrition. Professionally Slaughtered under Missouri Inspection
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Come pick up beef at the farm or call us to schedule a delivery to the Rolla area.  
Quarter Beef (100 lbs. for $500)
80lbs. ground
5 lbs. sirloin
10 lbs. T-bone, Ribeye
5 lbs. Strip steak and filet
Ground Beef packages:
100 lbs. for $350
50 lbs. for $200
20 lbs. for $100
Steaks by the Cut:
Sirloin (16-24 oz.) $9/lb Boneless Ribeye (8-10 oz.) $11/ lb
T-Bone (12-16 oz.) $12/lb Strip (6-10 oz.) $14/lb
Filet (4-8 oz.) $16/lb Roasts and Soup Bones also available.