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Farm Tours
Come and see how Cold Spring Farm Raises Livestock in Harmony with Nature!

Tours May Include:
-How to care for goats
-How to care for cattle
-Rotational Grazing
-Use of Egg Mobiles and Chicken Tractors
-Off  Grid water pumping (solar pump & windmill)
-Planting and maintaining native warm season grasses and forbs.
-Organic weed and pest control
-Extending your growing season with a hightunnel and greenhouse.
-Livestock Guardian Dogs

A University Level course is taught at the farm during summers, and we have given tours for 4-H, FFA, school field trips, Master Gardeners and More.

Up to 25 people $150 for 3 hours
Up to 25 people $300 for 7 hours
Optional Lunch is $20 a plate. All food will be produced on the farm Meat, Veggies, and Dessert.
For larger groups please call or email.
Tours will be tailored to the interests of the group.
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